Canteen Connect

An online community for young people that have been affected by cancer. My role primarily focused on driving potential users to the site through a combination of digital advertising. I also managed tracking and analytics for the page. This included working with developers to push information through the data layer and then sending that using Google Tag Manager to the relevant platforms like Google Analytics to better understand our users and their behaviours.

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Fundraising Appeal

I ran an extensive social media campaign to raise awareness for young people affected by cancer. I liaised with the fundraising teams to develop content. Utilising that content I built the campaign structure. Initial roll outs focused on the story of a parent named Yoav who had lost his wife to cancer. The first wave went out to a broader audience of interest groups and lookalikes. Retargeting was used to show the second and third video to anyone who met certain requirements with the final wave driving conversions. I managed to generated a 4x return on ad spend utilising this method.

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Cafe Classroom

I created and produced an online series where academic speakers from around the world would provide a mini lecture in a cozy cafe in Newtown. I organised the production, marketing and publishing of this content to our online audiences. Some episodes received as much as 70k views on YouTube.

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Dr Michio Kaku Australia & New Zealand Tour

I lead a multi-faceted marketing campaign for this large scale tour with numerous shows across Australia & New Zealand. In collbaoration with a small team I managed several tasks for a seamless launch. This included creating the digital marketing campaign, liaising with agencies to secure outdoor marketing sites, working with venues to prodivde additional support and organising the eDM schedule and strategy. We managed to sell out the Sydney Opera House and sell a total of 11k tickets.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Australia & New Zealand Tour

This tour was the largest string of shows I'd ever worked on. My role was the Event & Marketing Coordinator, my responbilities included organising the tour schedule, venue production, ticketing, merchandise and supporting the team with marketing efforts. We managed to sell over 20,000 tickets.

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